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The presence of steaks, seared hot and fast on the grill, exemplified the broader sense of barbecue on display at Grillin' on the Bay. Photograph: Josh Bousel

Grillin’ on the Bay in Brooklyn: Where Barbecue Gets Loose
Posted by James Boo

I’ve been told many a time that “grilling” is not “barbecue.” Barbecue heads     dedicated to one true definition of the word will never adopt a steak seared over hot coals into a family of slow-smoked briskets, no matter how much they love a medium-rare rib eye — to do so would violate the mystique of “low and slow” barbecue culture.

That’s exactly why I found it refreshing to see nineteen barbecue teams throw “low and slow” out the window in favor of quick, grill-based cooking at the seventh annual Grillin’ on the Bay barbecue contest in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Organized by barbecue fanatic Robert Fernandez and sanctioned by the New England BBQ Society, GOTB differs from most Kansas City-style competitions in its embrace of “Yankee barbecue.” Deviating from the standard breakdown of pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken and brisket, GOTB issues broader cooking categories, including the free-for-all “chef’s choice” challenge.

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NY Daily News Weighs In On Grillin’ On The Bay

Grillers Get Fired Up

Where there’s smoke, there’s barbecue.

Grilled food fanatics from around the city will be out in force for Saturday’s Grillin’ by the Bay barbecue competition at St. Mark School in Sheepshead Bay.

About 1,500 spectators will pack the courtyard of the E. 19th St. school to watch 80 grill masters compete to win cash prizes for the best grilled beef, chicken and pork.

“It’s very competitive and very delicious,” said Sheepshead Bay tech consultant Robert Fernandez, who founded the annual cookoff six years ago to provide a showcase for New York’s grillers to compete against out-of-town talent.

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The Meatwave Chows Down At Grillin’ On The Bay

Chicken - The Meatwave - Photo: Josh Bousel

I’m a creature of habit, often finding it hard to crawl outside of my comfort zone. Ever since getting what I consider to be pretty damn good at making barbecue, I’ve been unable to bring that skill outside of the safety of my backyard. Even with Grillin’ on the Bay, New York City’s only professional barbecue contest, so close in comparison to most other competitions, entering it has been something I’ve always convinced myself to dismiss. Although I still didn’t enter this year, I finally got off my ass and made the long trek from Astoria to Sheepshead Bay to see what Grillin’ on the Bay and competition barbecue is all about. At the end of a day filled with great eats and even greater people, my problem is less that I’m afraid to compete, but more that I’m dangerously close to taking the leap from reserved cooker to full-on competitor with vigor.

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Wandering NYC checks out Grillin’ On The Bay

Photo: Wandering NYC

Smokin’ On Avenue Z

This past Saturday my girlfriend and I stepped off the B49 Bus and into the St. Mark schoolyard for this year’s Grillin’ On the Bay competition. We were disappointed that only two competitors chose to sell their smoked offerings. Fortunately, contestants Three Men and a Baby Back delivered some of the most authentic and sinfully tasty pulled pork we’ve had this side of the Mason Dixon line.

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Grillin’ On The Bay featured on The Feedbag

Check Out Grillin’ On The Bay From A Cook’s Perspective – BBQ Billy Tells All The Dirt. 

BBQ Billy at his first barbecue contest

Mark BBQ Billy’s first official barbecue competition in the books: Grillin’ on the Bay, 2011. My grilling compatriot and brother-in-law, Bert Cooper, represented hardcore in an all-out, 15-hr endeavor featuring sub-freezing temps, 4 hrs of sleep, and a ridiculous amount of smoke, meat, beer, and bourbon. Everyone at the competition was incredibly welcoming and informative. When the NEBS (New England Barbecue Society) people heard it was our first event, they introduced us to a few pros, and rallied throughout the day to confirm we knew when turn-in times were, how to plate an entry, and otherwise make it through the day successfully.

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PigTrip Travels To Grillin’ On The Bay

Wildwood BBQ's Short Ribs

Competition Grilling: Transformer BBQ Wins Grillin’ on the Bay; Wildwood Takes Reserve

Two weeks earlier, it was a New York City team—Wildwood Barbeque—who took the grand championship at the Snowshoe Grilling Challenge in suburban Boston. Transformer BBQ of Canton MA returned the favor on Saturday, driving into Brooklyn and winning the fourth annual Grillin’ on the Bay, a competition that doubles as a fundraiser for the St Mark School

Transformer’s Julie and Brendan Burek built on their earlier success at the Snowshoe. Although the husband-and-wife team finished fourth overall at that event, they were one of only two teams to receive three calls to the stage, one of which was first place for pork loin. On Saturday, Transformer duplicated the balanced attack and was the only team with calls in all four categories: first place pork, second place chef’s choice, third place fish and sixth place chicken.

 New York City barbecue restaurant Wildwood Barbeque took reserve grand championship honors, also receiving calls for first place chef’s choice, third place chicken and fourth place fish. As at the Snowshoe, Wildwood pitmaster Lou Elrose teamed with Robbie Richter, who two summers ago was the pitmaster at New York City’sHill Country Barbecue.

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English Nick Solares of Serious Eats Pays Grillin’ On The Bay A Visit

Nick Solares at Grillin' ON The Bay

The sky may have been gray and overcast and the wind conditions blustery this past Saturday but nothing could dampen the spirits, nor douse the pit flames of the barbecue, chili, and grilling fanatics that assembled at the St. Mark School in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, for the fourth annual Grillin’ on the Bay competition, which also included the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown this year.

From seasoned professionals to complete novices, who made up for their lack of experience through infectious enthusiasm, a dozen teams competed in categories for chili, chicken breast, pork, and fish as well as “chef’s choice,” which had no ingredient limitations and a Top Chef-like “rapid fire” challenge featuring a mystery ingredient. This category produced a number of interesting and surprising (for a grilling competition) dishes, such as a braised short rib over a mushroom risotto fromWildwood Barbecue.

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